About Sevyn Hair Company

Words of Gratitude. 
Sevyn Hair Company is a family inspired Hair company where everything has a place and a meaning. 
As a dreamer, it was only right that I dedicated my logo to my family lineage. I chose the bumble bee to be apart of my logo because bumble bees are hard workers. They have bodies that are twice as large as their wings, and in order to survive, the bumble bee has to flap its wings twice as hard to get pollen from flower to flower. The bumble bee  represents those who have come before me and have worked hard to enable me to be able to stand on the shoulders of my predecessors, my mother, my grandmother, and my late great-grandmother affectionally known as "Gran". Lastly the bumble bee represents my mother, whom my nieces and nephews affectionally call " Honey".
As the owner of Sevyn Hair Company, it is an honor that you have chosen my hair line to service you in any compacity. My goal is to always provide exceptional customer service, remain respectfully affordable, and to allow all women to feel beautiful while wearing their investments. Thank you for the unwavering support as I continue to build and grow my brand. 
-Andrena Fowler, Owner of Sevyn Hair Company, LLC